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golden bridge with cables

Bangkok Signature Collection - Rama 8 Bridge 01


Shot specification:

  • Resolution: 4k
  • Color profile: Standard (Rec.709)
  • Camera: Mavic 3
  • Frame rate: 23.97 fps
  • License: Editorial and commercial


With this purchase, you will receive:

  • RAW footage shot on DJI Mavic 3 in 4k,
  • A color-corrected version of the clip in 4k,
  • License for editorial and commercial use (emailed to you within 48 hours after the purchase)



For more information please email us at

  • Bangkok Signature Collection - Rama 8 Bridge

    Capture the essence of Bangkok with our stunning stock footage of the iconic Rama 8 Bridge, an essential piece of the "Bangkok Signature Collection." This footage offers a breathtaking view of the bridge's striking asymmetrical design and its majestic cables, set against the vibrant backdrop of Thailand's bustling capital. Perfect for filmmakers, advertisers, and content creators looking to add a touch of modern Thai architecture and urban charm to their projects.

    Key Features:

    • High-Resolution Quality: Filmed in 4K Ultra HD, ensuring every detail of the bridge’s architecture and surrounding scenery is captured with crystal clarity.
    • Cultural Context: Integrates the bridge into the broader landscape of Bangkok, capturing glimpses of the Chao Phraya River, nearby temples, and city skyline, providing a rich cultural context.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for documentaries, travel videos, commercials, and any project seeking to convey the dynamic energy and architectural beauty of Bangkok.

    Why Choose Our Footage:

    • Authentic Representation: Shot by local cinematographers who understand the unique charm and significance of the Rama 8 Bridge.
    • Royalty-Free License: Hassle-free usage with our comprehensive royalty-free license, allowing you to use the footage in multiple projects without additional costs.
    • Immediate Download: Instant access upon purchase, enabling you to start working on your project without delay.

    Add a touch of Bangkok’s modern elegance to your production with our exclusive footage of the Rama 8 Bridge. Part of the "Bangkok Signature Collection," this footage is a must-have for anyone looking to showcase the vibrant spirit and architectural marvels of Thailand’s capital city.

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