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Brandon Li x Manit Monsur Collaboration - Featured in DJI Global

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

As a Thailand-based filmmaker, I've had the opportunity to work with Brandon Li and shoot for his videos. We spend a little more than a month in Bangkok and Chiang Mai going around the temples, Chinatown, and different interesting places in the city to shoot for Brandon's content.

Brandon is the mastermind behind the creative ideas and the amazing camera works. As part of the collab, I helped him film for his YouTube channel and produced a few videos in less than two months. We sat down for hours working on the ideation, casting, and location scouting for his upcoming masterclass "Unscripted Studio". Brandon and I are planning to work together in producing more filmmaking content in the future.

Here is one of the videos I've helped him shoot that was featured in DJI Global.

Here are some behind the scenes from our shoot in Thailand.

More videos we produced:

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