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A Glance at Asia’s Most Exclusive Lounges - Worklounge X Radiate Studios

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Radiate Studios was recently granted an astounding opportunity by ‘Worklounge Club’ to shoot at two of the most exclusive executive lounges in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, to highlight Worklounge‘s membership benefits and experiences.

What is ‘Worklounge’?

In the world of hospitality, hotel lounges are often more like hidden gems. Worklounge provides memberships through which you can gain access to a network of executive lounges located in some of the most prestigious hotels in Asia, bringing you the most fulfilling and luxurious experience one might encounter while traveling.

Radiate Studios Team Expertise

As part of the project, the team got to put their professional expertise in Thailand/SEA Hospitality Video Production producing branded content and creating high resolution photos for the hospitality industry to use, bringing out and capturing the most eye-catching and lavish visuals that have the capacity to enhance our client’s brand.

All of the videos and photos were taken inside of Sofitel Sukhumvit and Amari Watergate’s executive lounges in which one can find leisure, perform business meetings, and enjoy a variety of luxurious amenities.

Our team at Radiate Studious is pleased to have been chosen to create quality content that will help our client provide their audiences with a more interactive experience, by visualizing what membership benefits they will get to enjoy as a ‘Worklounge Club’ member.

It took our production team only two days to film the entire promotional video and cover all of the most captivating and alluring spots inside both hotel’s executive lounges. It was important for the team to capture the benefits one would be able to have at these specific and special locations.

The production for this project served as a huge success for our team at Radiate Studios, our Radiate Studios’ director/cinematograher Manit Monsur, and the amazing team at ‘Worklounge Club.


See how our branding video for Worklounge has helped them expand their business by connecting with their potential customers and investors more efficiently in the testimonial video below. #BrandGrowthEssentials

Planning & Execution

We enjoy working closely with our clients, from the planning and storyboarding stage all the way to the execution of the production. Our Thailand Video Production team at Radiate Studios values every single input provided by our client and our production manager will keep you involved in every step of the filming and production processes.

Once the storyboard and shotlist have been finalized, our director at Radiate Studios will make sure to review each scene with the client before moving on to the next shot to ensure that we have captured our client’s brand essence and succesfully brought our client’s visions to the screen, with the help of compelling and story-driven visuals.

Our video production company in Bangkok, Thailand produces world-class hospitality content including hospitality video production and photography with creative storytelling, and eye-catching visuals in a way that is guaranteed to bring more engagement to your website and social media platform.

We also provide photo and video solutions for leading hospitality brands like Marriott Bonvoy, Sala Hospitality Group, & Sri Panwa, among other hotels in Thailand and SEA.

Need a video like this for your brand? Find out more on our website or contact us to find out how we can help.

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