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Music Video Production in Thailand with Radiate Studios

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Much like cinematography and filmmaking, music video production is highly story-driven and heavily involved with visual storytelling. A music video can exponentially boost an artist’s visibility and exposure as they get to tell their story and draw in an even bigger audience.

1. Experience

In the previous years, Radiate Studios has worked with prominent artists like “Chaleeda”, a Thai-British singer, actress, lyricist and youtuber, where our team got to work with Chaleeda on the production of her music video of her song, “to the moon”, which was shot in Khao Yai, Thailand, and released in 2021.

And in 2022, our team was able to scout and shoot at astounding Bangkok shooting locations as Radiate Studios’ team and Thailand music video director/DOP, Manit Monsur were assisting rapper “Innamaz” in the creation of his music video for his most recent song, “The Old You.” and "Dark Days".

Following the success, Radiate Studios team continues shooting for a Togolese-Israeli singer "Stephane Legar" for the song "Lucie". The music video was shot and directed by our cinematographer Manit Monsur in Phuket, Thailand.

2. Unique Shooting Locations

Radiate Studios has had a lot of experience traveling and shooting at many different and unique locations all over Thailand. Our team will travel to any designated location in Thailand and South East Asia that your heart desires your music video to be shot at. Apart from traveling, we also have access to Bangkok rental studios that can adapt the mood and tone of their studios to your liking and needs.

Here are some of the coolest locations we've shot our recent music videos at:

  • Khao Yai, Thailand

  • Pattaya Beach (Private beach)

Here are some sneak peek and the final music video from our shoot in Pattaya with Mr. Z.

  • Phuket, Thailand

See some of our favorite screengrab and behind the scenes shot in Phuket, Thailand for the music video "Lucie". The project was produced for the iconic Stephane Legar a Togolese-Israeli singer.

3. Compelling and story-driven visuals

With the use of different camera techniques and editing styles, our team has created compelling visuals for music videos. The goal for our music videos is to create captivating visuals that are driven by the stories from the lyrics and true emotions from each artist, with the help from our team's director and videographers, at Radiate Studios.

Behind the scenes:

4. Radiate team expertise

Work closely with a Thailand music video producer and Thailand music video director to discuss the direction of the music video and story of the film and lyrics. We provide our expertise throughout the pre-production, production (shooting day) and post-production process (video editing). Creative expression is highly valued and our team will make sure to bring every artist’s emotional and visual interpretation of their song to life.

Client testimonial:

Listen to what our client Maze (MJ) from "InnaMaz" has to say about his experience shooting a couple of music videos with Radiate Studios.

Why you want a music videos for your song?

As a top video production company in Thailand, we highly value the essence of visual content, which statistically has proven to provide higher brand exposure and music videos are a fundamental channel of audience engagement for artists. Music videos help audiences grasp the visual aspect of the singer’s artistic persona and are ultimately a way for the audience to better bond with their craft.

Looking for a music video production team, a director or a cinematographer in Thailand? Find out more on our website or contact us to find out how we can assist you with your next music video project.

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My friend who lives in Thailand and records music has turned to them several times for help, they really do quality work!

They use only quality licensed software in their work and the quality of the music videos is great!

I am also passionate about music and even tried to record my own music video a few times. But my skills are not good enough in video editing yet. helps me with video and music formats. Maybe someone will find it useful and you can improve your editing skills.


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