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RedBull Video Production - Sports/Product Commercial by Radiate Studios - Phuket, Thailand

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

RedBull and Radiate Studios recently teamed up for a social media advertisement campaign. This project was shot in Phuket, Thailand over a period of 2 days led by Amolaya, Marketing Director from RedBull Thailand and Manit, a creative director at Radiate Studios.

Our goal for this project was to highlight the emerging surf skating trend in Thailand and to incorporate RedBull energy drink into a comprehensive, fun and catchy social media advertisement. We decided to produce at 45 second spot commercial to keep the video engaging while showing different attractions in Phuket, shots of RedBull energy drink and top-notch surf skate actions.

RedBull athlete Luke Carrick
RedBull Energy Drink - Sports Commercial by Radiate Studios
Prouduct tie-in, product shot, beverage commercial, video production, Radiate Studios
RedBull Energy - Product (Beverage) Commercial by Radiate Studios - Thailand Video Production

As part of pre-production, Radiate Studios team came up a thorough plan for the shoot that include a shotlist and a storyboard according to the client breefing. We sat down with RedBull team and presented our ideas. After working together on the pre-production for a little more than a week, we finally flew down to Phuket to shoot with two young talented RedBull athlete Ryan and Luke.

The team involved in this project:

Director: Manit Monsur

Assistant Director: Sean Chen

Director of Photography: Manit Monsur

Producer: Amolaya Rattanathasaniya

Location Manager: Chullanop Sripan

Production Assistant: Chompoonut Termsrithong, Sean Chen

Talent: Luke Carrick, Ryan Carrick

Behind the scenes of our pre-production and location scouting:

For this project, we decided to shoot near central Phuket area. The shooting locations are:

  1. Phuket Old Town,

  2. Big C - Patong Beach,

  3. Patong Beach,

  4. Blue Tree Phuket.

Sports Commercial Video by Radiate Studios
Phuket Old Town - Red Bull Energy Drink
Social media advertisement by Radiate Studios.
RedBull Thailand - Extreme Sports Advertisement

For post-production process, we took about 2-3 weeks to finalize and deliver the 45 second spot commercial to the RedBull team.

Here is the final version of the video:

Behind the scenes from our shooting day with RedBull athlete Luke and Ryan.

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Other product commercial we've done previously:

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Gimbal Operator: Manit Monsur

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