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Top 5 reasons why you should Create Reels for Branding

As the use of social media platforms immensely grew, so have the use of creative tools such as “Reels.” You can share reels with your followers on Instagram, and as of lately the tool has also become a common attribute in other popular media platforms, despite showing up on under different tabs and names such as “Facebook Watch” and “Youtube Shorts.” These days, Reels have become one of the most effective tools for creativity, creation, and audience interaction.

What are Reels?

Instagram Reels are an amazing content tool and loved by many individuals and marketers for multiple reasons. They are made as short-form, vertical videos that consumers and brands like to regularly make use of in order to entertain, educate, or simply join the community on the latest cultural trends. You can watch Radiate Studios IG Reels here.

The popularity of these types of videos began with the rise of “Tik Tok,” a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos on any topic. On top of encouraging people and brands to create daily content, reels have also become one of the best tools used to explode your page’s or brand’s audience reach.

5 reasons YOU should use “Reels” to Build your Brand

1. Explode your Reach & Be Discovered. Compared to single-image or video uploads to Instagram, Reels are more likely to be shown on people’s “Explore Page,” which is a page on Instagram on which user’s will find a collection of content based on their personal interests.

Being featured on the Explore Page allows for a higher conversion rate and can generate high-quality leads. This is known as “Organic Reach Rate” and “Organic Growth,” the percentage and growth of your followers who see your posts without having to spend any money on running social media advertisements.

It is also important for creators and brands to study and try to understand the algorithm of each platform, like the Instagram Algorithm, as it will provide the necessary data you need to know in order to grow from a reach of 1,000 views up to a 1,000,000 views.

2. Showcase your work & Tell your Story. Although Reels come in the form of short, vertical videos - they can be created from any type of content and are therefore a great way to showcase the products and services of your brand or company.

It goes without saying that reels can come in handy when it comes to telling your brand story more efficiently, because they have the ability to quickly catch the audience’s attention, and provide a great opportunity for you to up-cycle old image and video content.

3. Stay on Top of Trends. Instagram Reels offer a chance to share creative content in an engaging and highly trendy format, with the help of Instagram’s audio library that specify which songs are currently popular and other Insights Data provided within the app.

Through partaking in cultural trends, brands get to collaborate and interact directly with the community, through which they will also discover a world of new ideas. This is why “reels” have not only become a popular feature of social media, but are also an important part of the new era of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Take advantage of the algorithm

by following the trends and using the tools provided by Instagram.

4. Super Easy to Create. Despite having little to no experience in editing videos and or images, one does not need to worry. Instagram provides templates, songs, and various editing tools that can be used within the app, allowing creators and brands to “edit in-app.” This makes the production process of a video, which can usually take up to a week, a lot easier, faster, and effective.

Simply put, the ROI (Return on investment) on the social media reel is exponential as they take a lot less time to produce than a conventional branding video. This could guarantee a lower marketing budget for 2023.

5. Explore a world of tools that can help. There are also additional tips and tricks you can learn from various online sources, who will show you how to make the most use of ALL the creative tools provided, and what type of edit can gain you the highest number of views and rewatches per reel.

On top of that, the popular apps that provide a video-sharing feature like Reels do on Instagram, are all filled with helpful tools you can use to add music, create captions, and increase overall efficiency and workflow. Here is a reel we created for our hospitality client SALA Hospitality Group.

With Reels, businesses and creators get to create immersive videos in which they creatively express their brand story and get discovered by audiences who have similar interests and relate to the business through the Explore page, as mentioned above.

At Radiate Studios, we are happy to help you market your content, including: Instagram Reels, Facebook Watch, and Youtube Shorts. We also provide photo and video solutions for leading brands like Marriott Bonvoy, & RedBull, among other brands in Thailand and SEA and helped them reach more of their target audience effectively.

Want to start creating ‘Reels’ like this for your brand? Find out more on our website or contact us to find out how we can help.

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