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Sri Panwa Phuket Video Project - Radiate Studios Thailand

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Radiate Studios recently had a great opportunity to work on a video project with Sri Panwa Phuket, Thailand's one of the best-known luxury hotels. With professional experience in producing branded content for hospitality industries, our team Radiate Studios has come up with some amazing videos. Led by our director Manit Monsur, this project was a huge success both for Sri Panwa and Radiate Studios.

Sri Panwa Video Shoot - Luxury Pool Villa, beaches, kayaking and much more!

What Sri Panwa says about us:

Our first project with the Radiate Studios team was in August 2020. It was such a fantastic moment and experience to work with such a professional team. The shooting went pretty smoothly because of a well-organized plan and they have finished so many contents in just 3 days. Radiate Studios team provided us the high quality of photos and videos even during their stay. We have used lots of them across our social media network which helps us pick up tons of media engagement and followers number. I have no hesitation in recommending Radiate Studios to anyone as they are Truly Amazing!!! - Fong, PR & Marketing, Sri Panwa.

We created two videos for Sri Panwa as part of the deliverables. 1. Lifestyle Video: The first video is to show all the fun things you could do during your stay in Sri Panwa. Starting from entering the luxury pool villa, dipping in the pool, kayaking in Sri Panwa beach, breakfast at Baba Pool Club, exotic pool breakfast, and exploring pretty much every nook and corner of the resort.

Habita Pool - Sri Panwa

Another highlight of Sri Panwa was this picturesque giant pool in Habita. Here is the lifestyle video our team has put together:

2. COVID-19 Video: The second video is to show the measures and steps Sri Panwa is taking in order to cope with the New Normal here in Thailand. Our shooting process involved capturing the cleaning process of the van, picking up guests from the airport, hotel check-in procedures, guest room, and restaurant cleaning, etc.

Here is the New Normal video our team has put together:

The key to a successful project is to make sure your client is happy all along. And that’s why we worked very hard to ensure all the steps of production are being followed and monitored to avoid any risk or failure during the process.

Starting from making a storyboard and shotlist for our client to establishing clear communication with our client before the shoot (pre-production stage), we had to make sure we understood our client’s need. Once we got the script signed off, we started planning on the model selection and shooting date for the video. With help from Khun Fong, PR, and Marketing manager from Sri Panwa, we came up with a schedule on what to film each day.

Now comes the filming part (production stage). The shoot took place in Sri Panwa Phuket for 3 days, which was right enough for us to get all the shots we planned. The main challenge was the unpredictable weather during the rainy season. Luckily, we were still able to get some gorgeous golden hour shots for the villa and the pool scenes. We mostly shot using the Ronin-S, which was a great combo with our main camera Panasonic Lumix S1H. We used Sigma 10-20mm for the wide shots, Canon EF 50mm f1.8 for some buttery close-ups, and Lumix 24-105mm f4.0 for shots where we had to rely much on the autofocus.

We flew the drone over the cliff to show the whole property of Sri Panwa and some cinematic shots of the cliff pool villa overlooking at the ocean.

Drone photo by Radiate Studios Thailand
Sri Panwa - Cliffside Luxury Pool Villa

We worked closely with our client during the shoot and reviewed some of the shots together right after each scene. Doing this helped us keep the client updated on the process and understand if the client was happy with the mood and tone of each scene.

Our goal was to create stunning videos with some dynamic in it. Different locations, different activities, some underwater shots, and quick-cut montage. Match cut of different scenes, energetic and modern looking.

In the post-production process, 2-3 days after the shoot we sent 30 photos to our client so that they have something to work with while we edit the videos. Both the lifestyle video and the COVID-19 video took us about 4 weeks to finalize and get the client's approval. Besides the main horizontal aspect ratio video for YouTube, we also customized the video in a vertical aspect ratio for Instagram and Facebook use.

Here is a screenshot of our editing process in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Timeline Preview

Cinematic color-grading: We film all of our footages in RAW ProRes format 422 10bit in order to get the most accurate color and high dynamic range for each shot. Here is an example of some RAW videos before and after the color-grading process.

Professional sound design: We manually design each sound in the shots during post-production. Here is what our timeline looks like with different sound effects layers.

Advanced Sound Design

Finally, working with Sri Panwa was a wonderful experience. Sri Panwa PR/Marketing team was really supportive in every step of the process. Sri Panwa was open to new creative ideas and they put their trust in the Radiate Studios team, which allowed us to tell an amazing story for them.

Our world-class content, amazing storytelling, eye-catching visuals are curated in a way that is guaranteed to bring more engagement to your website and social media platform.

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